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WeatherShield Roofing Group is your premier commercial roofer in Orlando. We are one of the top roofing contractors in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas! Let us put our 20+ years of commercial roofing experience to work for you. From roof repairs, to storm damage, to total commercial roof replacement, WeatherShield Roofing Group has you covered. With highly trained roofing experts and access to the roofing industry’s highest quality roofing systems, our service can’t be beat. Call us today for your free roof inspection and free estimate.

WeatherShield Roofing Group provides all types of commercial roofing services. Quality roof repairs, replacements, and restorations are our specialties. We use only the industry’s best roofing materials to craft our exceptional commercial roofs. We understand the strain that unexpected roofing repairs may place on your business and your budget, and that’s why we are committed to cost-efficient roofing that can be completed at your convenience. We never compromise on quality and effort; we always deliver our best when it is best for you. Affordable, professional roofing is yours when you choose WeatherShield Roofing Group as your commercial roofer in Orlando, Florida!

Specialized Commercial Roofing Services

Need roofing in a sensitive environment, such as hospitals or high traffic areas? We provide roofing solutions that are safe for locations where fumes and debris are not appropriate! Perhaps your commercial building is especially sensitive to interior temperature, such as a delivery truck, warehouse, or factory. WeatherShield Roofing Group provides solutions for these unique areas as well. Don’t take your chances with an inexperienced roofer when your specialized commercial building is in need of roof repairs. Have your roof done right the first time with the most experienced Orlando, FL, commercial roofer.

Our Materials

Top Manufacturers’ Materials

Through our 20+ years of experience in the Central Florida area, we know all about the roofing systems that succeed in our unique climate. To bolster this industry knowledge, we utilize only the finest materials available to craft our roofs and protect your commercial building. We often install and repair these roofing applications, and more:

  • photo with metal roofs, commercial roofer in Orlando, FLRoof Coatings: A liquid-applied protective barrier that can be applied to virtually any new or existing roof system. Its single, seamless waterproof quality will protect your roof from leaks and weathering for years to come. Roof coatings also aid in controlling interior temperature, and reduce temperatures inside by at least several degrees.
  • Metal Roofing: A durable roofing solution with exceptional strength and resistance to storm damage. Metal roofing grants your roof a stunning, modern appearance and practical protection for your building.
  • Membranes: A lightweight roofing application with excellent weather protection and energy efficiency. A highly cost-effective roofing solution!
  • TPO Roofing Systems: A single-ply roofing membrane utilized for its durability and strength against weathering. Although TPO is lightweight, it does not compromise on protection or quality.
  • Bitumen Roofs: A relative of traditional commercial asphalt roofing, bitumen is lighter than asphalt, and water-tight once sealed.

We also provide many more roofing solutions! Call us today to make us your commercial roofer in Orlando, Florida! We’ll discuss any particular material you may have in mind for your next roofing project, and we’ll happily answer any questions you have at any time.

Commercial Services

Repair, Restore, Replace

men working on a commercial roof, commercial roofer in Orlando, FLEven if a new roof will not fit your budget, we provide roofing solutions that will – from repair of localized problem areas, to our elastomeric roof coating that stops leaks for good, our roofers are trained in industry-leading methods to find leaks and cracks fast. Often, outdated roofs do not require complete replacement, and that’s where our expert knowledge of repairs can save your roof! Call WeatherShield Roofing Group today! We look forward to being your commercial roofer in Orlando, FL.

As you know, Central Florida is no stranger to extreme weather, and our area sustains massive amounts of roof damage due to storms each year. If your roof has sustained damage from storms, wind, heat, or aging, quick action is the best solution to ensure no further damage occurs to your roof and the underlying structures. We are able to repair all major types of commercial roofing, and we further extend our expert roofing through maintenance programs to periodically inspect your roof and promote its longevity.

In addition to repairs, we offer elastomeric roof coatings that form a single seamless membrane over your roof to strengthen it and keep your building cool. This specialized coating can be added to virtually all new and existing roofing systems, and it is famous for cutting utility bill costs by keeping solar heat from pooling up inside your commercial building. We offer many, many repair options!

Superior Quality

Commitment to Quality

roofer working on project, commercial roofer in Orlando, FLWeatherShield Roofing Group is set apart by our commitment to crafting exceptional roofs and ensuring your satisfaction as we do so. Part of our goal is to exceed your standards, rather than simply meet them. We are a professional, affordable, and accommodating commercial roofer in Orlando, Florida, known for unequaled high quality roofing service. To assure you of our attention to your project, we adhere to these procedures to walk with you through the roofing process:

  • A detailed, written estimate of your roofing project
  • Designing a schedule that works best for you and your business
  • Installing and repairing your roof with top tier materials and techniques
  • Communicating with you transparently throughout the roofing process
  • Respecting you and your property at all times
  • Guaranteeing our work with warranties

To further back our quality roofing service, we are licensed, bonded, and insured as a Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor, #CCC1329252. Our insurance exceeds state requirements for workers’ compensation and liability. Our hundreds of loyal customers will attest to our credibility and performance on the 6,000,000 square feet of material we have laid during our 20+ years of experience. Protect your commercial building for years to come with the best commercial roofer in Orlando, Florida. Call today to utilize our invaluable roofing industry knowledge and protect your business assets. We offer free roof inspections and free estimates of your next roofing project or repair! 407-298-0100