3 Benefits of R Panels

R PanelR Panels are metal roofs that provide commercial buildings with superior protection. Metal roofs can protect your building against damaging UV rays and other serious weather conditions. R Panels require less maintenance than an average commercial roofing material, and posses the durability necessary to withstand the elements. Commercial building owners looking for the best option should take these factors under consideration. Below are 3 Benefits of R Panels:

Cost Effective

Let’s face it, cost is always a factor when investing in your business. Commercial building owners don’t want to sacrifice durability for cost, but they don’t want to break the bank either. R Panels meet commercial buildings in the middle by offering strong durability at a manageable cost. Durability and lack of required maintenance make R Panels an increasingly good choice in the commercial roofing industry.

Heat Reflection

Florida is not the place for non reflective roofs. With the amount of direct sunlight that commercial roofs receive, it makes total sense to install an R Panel metal roof. Reflecting the solar heat allows your building to stay at a functional temperature in this intense Florida heat. Better yet, the reflection helps your R Panel roof avoid damages that lead to leaks and other problems.


Nothing is worse than a building with poor temperature control. One of the benefits of R Panels is the superior insulation it provides. People don’t want to be too hot in the Florida summers. R Panels protect against the infiltration of air and moisture. For R Panel installation in Orlando, FL, give us a call today at 407-298-0100