The 4 Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

The 4 Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Know The Four Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

While having problems with our roofs can be pretty common, there are a lot of roofing problems that can be avoided very easily. There are many things that can affect the condition of our commercial roofs, but knowing what problems can occur can help you save money before it turns into a bigger problem. Below are the most common commercial roofing problems.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are pretty common among commercial and residential roofs. They can occur from lack of maintenance, severe weather, or even the age of your roof. Having regular maintenance performed on your roof can ensure you take care of leaks before they turn into a serious repair.


This can be a common commercial roofing problem if the roof was not properly installed. This happens from high winds. A commercial roofing can repair this so it doesn’t happen again.

Standing Water

Standing water, or ponding water, is a common commercial roofing problem when there are clogged or blocked drains. Standing can cause structural damage to the roof because of the additional weight. In very severe cases, the roof can collapse. A way to remedy this situation is to get a proper drain system for your commercial roof.

Punctures and Additional Penetrations

This is even more true for buildings that have single-ply roof systems, but the condition of your commercial roof can become jeopardized with foot traffic and new penetrations are added to your roof. To make sure your roof doesn’t suffer from these, make sure to restrict who goes on your roof, and if someone must go on your roof, have a roofer inspect your roof to make sure there is no damage.

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