Advantages of TPO Roofing Systems

When considering a new membrane roofing system, the options can be overwhelming. However, the choice becomes clear when you look at the advantages of TPO roofing systems. With a moderate price and many benefits, TPO is a popular choice for many commercial roofs.

Energy Efficient

White Warehouse Roof

TPO Roofing Systems can Repel Heat from the Sun, Lowering you Energy Bill!

Although available in various colors, TPO is most commonly found in white because of its excellent energy efficiency. With a highly reflective surface, you TPO roof can reflect light and heat from the sun, keeping your roof up to 90 degrees cooler. This is a major advantage in central Florida, where hot, sunny days are common. By keeping your roof cooler, your entire building (and you wallet) will benefit from reduced energy bills.


While there are more affordable flat roof systems, TPO is among the most cost-effective membranes available. It is more affordable than PVC, another energy efficient roof system, and you will benefit from additional savings over the years thanks to reduced energy bills. TPO is fairly low maintenance, and features strong, durable seams.

Environmentally Friendly

Fully recyclable and featuring a safe, chemical-free installation process, TPO roofing systems are praised for their eco-friendly features. Whether this is important to you or not, you might enjoy the fact that TPO is more safe and less hazardous than some other flat roof materials.

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