Benefits of Green Roofs

Green Roof on Commercial Building

Green Roof in Fukuoka, Japan

Green Roof Systems are becoming increasingly more popular for commercial, flat roof buildings in large cities. In some parts of the world, you’ll even find green roofs installed on residential homes. You will find these primarily  on business buildings that have a lot of unused space on their roof that they want to use as a functional space.


Urban Heat Island Effect – large cities will have warmer temperatures compared to the surrounding area because of the population density. Plants can reflect light away from the roofs of buildings which can help reduce the effects of the heat island effect.

Improved Air Quality – The plants grown in a green roofing project is a great way to improve the air quality in the city. Plants will filter out pollution and gases leaving clean, breathable air.

Energy Efficient – Installing a green roof adds the capability of moderating the temperature. This reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the interior of the building which in turn reduces the amount of C02 being produced.

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