Spring Roof Clean-Up and Maintenance

Although normal winter weather concerns such as snow and ice are rarely a concern here in Orlando, FL, an annual spring clean-up is a great opportunity to inspect your roof for any damages or maintenance needs. In addition to giving your home and roof a fresh, clean look, cleaning and performing an inspection on your roof at least annually can benefit the longevity of your roof. Weathershield Roofing Group‘s contractors can inspect and repair your roof in the Orlando, FL area. 

Steps to Cleaning, Inspecting, and Maintaining Your Roof

  1. Clear Roof of Debris: Take care to remove leaves, moss, and miscellaneous debris that might have been collecting on your roof these past few months. Additionally, you should ensure that none of your tree limbs touch your roof, and trim or remove limbs that do.
  1. Address Mold and Fungus: Roofs in humid Florida are particularly susceptible to mold, algae, and fungus, so you should make sure that your roof is free from these problems. Physical signs of mold include discolored areas among your roof. By leaving mold, algae, or fungus untreated, they can eat away at and penetrate your roof, resulting in the need for a replacement. Our skilled contractors can advise you on how to kill the mold and protect your roof. 

    Our Contractors Can Rid Your Roof of Mold and Fungus.

  2. Replace Missing or Worn Shingles: If your roof shingles are cracked, split, curled, or completely missing, replacing them will strengthen your entire roof. Our contracts can inspect your roof and determine which shingles need to be replaced.

For spring roof clean-up and an inspection call Weathershield Roofing Group at 407-298-0100 today.

Having Your Roof Inspected

Having your roof inspected once a year may seem like a lot, but considering that we go to the doctor sometimes several times a year to make sure we are healthy, why should your roof be any different? The answer is, it shouldn’t be. Many roofs’ have a timeline of how long they usually last. In order to reach that end time, you have to pay attention and take care of the materials that are on your roof. An inspection is the biggest way to keep your roof working the way it is supposed to. Because storm damage can happen at any time, a yearly inspection will be able to cover a large chunk of time and make sure that you know the quality of your roof going into the year. If you need to have a few repairs done, at least you will know that your roof is covering you properly and likely won’t give you any more problems.

Reasons to Have Your Roof Inspected

If you get a new roof and you have a warranty on it, it is likely that you also have to have an inspection on it once a year in order to keep that warranty valid. This is important because as long as you keep up with it, you will be covered in the event you have major damage happen. It may seem like a lot of money upfront, but considering a roof replacement costs thousands of dollars, it would save you a lot if you ended up needing one. You will then have peace of mind that the roof above you is going to last you a long time.

If you need a roof inspection, call Weathershield Roofing Group at 407-298-0100 to have someone out to you right away.

Preparing Your Roof for Major Weather


Major Weather

Keep Your Roof Safe by Not Planting Trees Close Enough to Fall on Your Roof in a Storm.

When you think of Florida you think of beautiful palm trees and perfect weather, but that isn’t always the case. As we all know from recent history, we can get hurricanes and tropical storms that can cause major damage to your roof. There are ways to prepare though. If you follow these tips and make sure to have your roof inspected, your roof is likely to stay in good shape.

Tips to Protect Against Major Weather

Move your trees – We understand that you can’t move your trees if they are already planted close to your house, but what you can do is cut large branches and trees back to keep branches from falling off onto your roof when major weather hits. Frauns fly off of trees all the time during aggressive wind and can latch underneath shingles and rip them right off your house. Another way to keep your roof safe is to secure your trees if you know a storm is coming. This will help give it some extra support so that even if it does tip over, it may not fall all the way down, taking your roof with it.

Take a look yourself – It is important to look at your roof regularly. There can be things that get stuck up there and are as easy as climbing up and grabbing it or you can see major damage and get it fixed before it gets worse. You don’t always have to climb up on your roof, you can grab a pair of binoculars and look up there from afar to see if you can see anything. If major weather is going to happen, you don’t want anything caught up on your roof to pull and break a shingle.

Call an inspectorWe recommend having an inspector come look at your roof every so often so that they can decide if anything is wrong with your roof. When hurricane season is on the rise, give us a call and have an inspector come make sure your roof looks prepared for the major weather that is ahead. They will be able to tell you what is wrong and help give you further advise about the best way to keep your roof safe and lasting a long time.

If you ever have any questions about your roof, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Here at Weathershield Roofing Group, we are always here for you and your roofing needs. Major weather happens, don’t let it take your roof with it, call today at __PHONE__.   

Reasons Why a Roof Coating Is An Excellent Choice for Your Roof

Reasons Why a Roof Coating Is An Excellent Choice for Your Roof

Find Out Why a Roof Coating Might Be a Great Choice for Your Roofing System.

Roof coatings are one of the best things you can do for your roof. There are different types of roof coatings such an acrylic, elastomeric, polyurea, and silicone and each has their own unique advantages. However, all of them are able to benefit your roof in a similar way. Below are the reasons why a roof coating is an excellent choice for your roof.

UV Protection

This is beneficial in two ways. The first way is that it will keep your roof cool. A roof coating is able to absorb the ray’s from the sun and then reflect them away from your roof. In addition to this, it will keep your roof protected from damaging UV rays.

Decrease in Energy Use

With a roof coating, you won’t have to use your heating and cooling to cool or warm your building, which in turn will save on energy.

Money Saving

Because you won’t use your heating and cooling nearly as much as you used to, it will cut down on the cost of heating and cooling bills. No one will complain about that!

More Eco-Friendly

Because it lasts a very long time, a roof coating is more environmentally friendly. You can feel good about applying a roofing coat to your roof.

Better Protection

Roof coatings are great for preventing water leaks and even mildew. You don’t have to worry about ponding water penetrating your office.

If you are interested in commercial roof coatings in Orlando, FL., call Weathershield Roofing Group at 407-298-0100 today.


The Benefits Of A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof Right For You?

When it comes to commercial roofing, you have plenty of options to chose from, from traditional flat roof solutions, to long-lasting metal variations. If you choose to explore the metal route, you can expect to choose from a handful of excellent roof choices. Today we will discuss the many benefits of a standing seam metal roof installation!


Standing seam metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years in good conditions, which is almost twice as long as some traditional roofing materials.


Due to the metal material, as well as the specialty design, standing seam metal roofs are very strong and capable of withstanding damages from hail, rain, and heavy winds too. Also, metal roofing in general provides some of the best fire protection in the industry!

Leak Resistance

The way the panels are designed, they are able to easily withstand leaks after heavy periods of rain. The vertical seams create an interlocking system that is impervious to penetration by water.

Energy Efficiency

Another benefit you can expect from a standing seam metal roof is increased energy efficiency for your building. The metal reflects sun rays and keeps your building cool, allowing your A/C to have an easier time maintaining temperatures.


While this next one applies to most metal roof systems, it is certainly worth mentioning. Some cities offer tax breaks to companies with metal roofs, and many insurance companies will gladly offer lower insurance rates for a metal-roofed property!

If you are interested in installing a standing seam metal roof in Orlando, FL, give us a call today at (407) 298-0100!


Ways to Utilize Your Flat Roof

Flat Roof

Rooftop Gardens Present an Attractive and Creative Way to Use a Flat Roof.

Flat roofs come with many benefits for commercial structures. Much cheaper to install than sloped roofs, flat roofs are a common solution for larger structures. Aside from expense, the primary benefit of your flat roof comes from its creation of useful space. If you want to put your flat roof to creative use, consider the following strategies.

Solar Panels

Flat roofs provide an excellent place to mount solar panels. Many people dislike the appearance of solar panels on a sloped roof, but flat roofs allow them to operate out of sight. These panels have decreased significantly in cost in recent years, and generate energy savings.


If your roof has adequate drainage, it can become the perfect place for a garden. A company garden can provide recreation for employees, and its care and maintenance can create ample opportunities for company-wide bonding .

Break Area

A rooftop break area stands as one of the more common alternative uses for flat roofing. Employees will get fresh air, enjoy one another’s company, and appreciate the area as a perk of their employment.


Skylights can provide natural lighting for your business. Not only is this a huge improvement over fluorescent lights, it can save on energy costs. For office areas that lack windows, a skylight will appear as a welcome addition.

Many businesses limit the use of their flat roofs to the placement of air conditioners. A little creativity can go a long way, however, and make your commercial structure a more welcoming environment. For service or installation of a flat roof in Orlando, FL, trust WeatherShield Roofing Group. We stand ready for your service at __PHONE__.

What To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

what to ask your roofing contractor

Do You Know What To Ask Your Roofing Contractor?

Roof repairs are often an unexpected expense for many business owners. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of roof repairs, it makes sense to choose a fence repairman that will do the job correctly the first time. There are several questions you should ask a contractor before you agree to hire them, particularly with door to door roofers. Today we will discuss a few things you need to know before you hire a roofing contractor.

Do You Offer Free Quotes?

Quality roofers aren’t afraid to offer free estimates and quotes. Customer service is a number one priority, and if they can’t provide an estimate in a reasonable amount of time, they may not be the right company for you.

Do You Have A License And Insurance?

While it is not always required to have a license, it is always a sign of professionalism. Proper insurance protects themselves, as well as you. If they are not concerned with protecting themselves, even, then you can expect them to be out of town before any problems arise. When they provide you with a license number, you can verify it on your state’s licensing board website. Also be sure to ask for their office address. If they can only provide a P.O. box, send them away ASAP!

How Long Have You Been In The Industry?

Make sure that the roofer of your choice has experience in the type of roofing you need. this ensures that your roof isn’t being used as a training opportunity.

Do You Have Any References?

References are an important part of choosing anyone to work on your home or business. If they don’t provide references, or if you are concerned the references may be fake, check in with the BBB to see what their score is.

Do You Provide A Warranty?

When a roofer is good at his or her job, you can count on them to guarantee their work. Roofers that don’t may not provide top quality service, particularly since product manufacturers will often provide a a guarantee for the materials at the least.

As a Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor, Weathershield is a company you can count on. Our license number is #CCC1329252, and we always guarantee our work. We have been in business since 1995, and we are the premier commercial roofer in Orlando Florida.

When Should Your Commercial Roof Be Repaired?

When Should Your Commercial Roof Be Repaired

When Should Your Commercial Roof Be Repaired? Look For These Signs.

Having a fully functioning roofing system can maintain the structure of your commercial building. This is able to be achieved with routine maintenance the can determine if your roof is in good shape or not. Unfortunately, commercial roof maintenance doesn’t tend to be a priority, with damages becoming increasingly worse. In order to avoid extremely costly repairs, knowing when your commercial roof should be repaired is crucial. So, when should your commercial roof be repaired? Below are signs to look out for.

Non-Existant Maintenance

This is a pretty common and obvious sign, but if you have put off maintenance for a couple of years, it’s probably safe to say that you might need a repair or two on your roofing system.


If you have a commercial roof that is made from metal material, check to see if there are any signs of rust. If you feel comfortable, you can even go on your roof and check. With rust spots, it’s important to get those repaired before they become worse.


Have you seen water spots on the walls or ceiling of your building? Have you felt a drop or two of water on your head and you aren’t even outside? There could be a leak in your commercial roof, which can lead to bigger issues if not repaired immediately.

Pooling Water

When should your commercial roof be repaired? This is a really common sign to look out for. If you’ve been on your roof to look at it, have you seen water just standing in one area? This is whats called pooling water and can hurt your roof if not taken care of as soon as possible.

If you need commercial roofing services in Orlando, FL, call the experts at Weathershield Roofing Group at 407-298-0100 today.

3 Benefits of R Panels

R PanelR Panels are metal roofs that provide commercial buildings with superior protection. Metal roofs can protect your building against damaging UV rays and other serious weather conditions. R Panels require less maintenance than an average commercial roofing material, and posses the durability necessary to withstand the elements. Commercial building owners looking for the best option should take these factors under consideration. Below are 3 Benefits of R Panels:

Cost Effective

Let’s face it, cost is always a factor when investing in your business. Commercial building owners don’t want to sacrifice durability for cost, but they don’t want to break the bank either. R Panels meet commercial buildings in the middle by offering strong durability at a manageable cost. Durability and lack of required maintenance make R Panels an increasingly good choice in the commercial roofing industry.

Heat Reflection

Florida is not the place for non reflective roofs. With the amount of direct sunlight that commercial roofs receive, it makes total sense to install an R Panel metal roof. Reflecting the solar heat allows your building to stay at a functional temperature in this intense Florida heat. Better yet, the reflection helps your R Panel roof avoid damages that lead to leaks and other problems.


Nothing is worse than a building with poor temperature control. One of the benefits of R Panels is the superior insulation it provides. People don’t want to be too hot in the Florida summers. R Panels protect against the infiltration of air and moisture. For R Panel installation in Orlando, FL, give us a call today at 407-298-0100

The 4 Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

The 4 Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Know The Four Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

While having problems with our roofs can be pretty common, there are a lot of roofing problems that can be avoided very easily. There are many things that can affect the condition of our commercial roofs, but knowing what problems can occur can help you save money before it turns into a bigger problem. Below are the most common commercial roofing problems.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are pretty common among commercial and residential roofs. They can occur from lack of maintenance, severe weather, or even the age of your roof. Having regular maintenance performed on your roof can ensure you take care of leaks before they turn into a serious repair.


This can be a common commercial roofing problem if the roof was not properly installed. This happens from high winds. A commercial roofing can repair this so it doesn’t happen again.

Standing Water

Standing water, or ponding water, is a common commercial roofing problem when there are clogged or blocked drains. Standing can cause structural damage to the roof because of the additional weight. In very severe cases, the roof can collapse. A way to remedy this situation is to get a proper drain system for your commercial roof.

Punctures and Additional Penetrations

This is even more true for buildings that have single-ply roof systems, but the condition of your commercial roof can become jeopardized with foot traffic and new penetrations are added to your roof. To make sure your roof doesn’t suffer from these, make sure to restrict who goes on your roof, and if someone must go on your roof, have a roofer inspect your roof to make sure there is no damage.

Do you need commercial roofing services in Orlando, FL? Give the professional roofers at Weathershield Roofing Group a call at 407-298-0100 today!