Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings Enable Your Business to Delay Replacement and Mend Minor Damages.

Does your commercial roof need a protective roof coating? The WeatherShield Roofing Group installs superior roof coatings for long lasting, watertight roof protection from the elements. Coatings are ideal for roofs in need of repair where the budget won’t cover complete roof replacement. Roof coatings provide ample repairs for degraded roofing that’s considerably more cost-efficient, which is why our team believes so strongly in them. We will gladly install commercial roof coatings in Longwood and Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas! Whenever you’re ready to get started with your project, call our team at (407) 298-0100 and get your free estimate.

Restoring Your Roof

Commercial buildings are often equipped with low sloping or flat roofs which present special challenges to protecting these buildings and their roofs. A roof coating is liquid applied and (once dry) creates a single elastic watertight membrane along the top, sides, and other elements of the roof. Its seamlessness prevents leaks and deflects solar heat buildup over your roof to keep the interior of your building cooler. Our roof coatings provide ample benefits to your commercial roof:

  • High reflectivity to reduce solar heat buildup
  • Its light coloring furnishes “cool roofing” to reduce utility costs
  • Decreases indoor temperatures by several degrees
  • Significantly less costly than a new roof
  • Seamless membrane reduces roof failure
  • Contracts and expands to prevent cracks and leaks
  • Can be installed on virtually any roofing system
  • Corrects rusty metal roofing
  • Extends longevity of your roof
  • and many more!
Commercial Roof Coatings

A Reflective Coating Allows You to Transform Your Roof Into a Cool Roofing System.

Possibly the single largest benefit of a roof coating is its unrivaled protection due to its seamless quality as a single membrane. Not only does roof coating protect your roof from leaks and weathering, it shields the interior of the building from outdoor elements and cuts utility costs. Roof coatings are famous for making stifling work spaces inhabitable once again – ideal for warehouses, factories, and buildings where interior temperature for employees and products is especially sensitive.

If you’d like more extensive details about our roof coating services, take a look through some of our links below!

  • Flat Roof Coating Restoration Do you need your business’ roof restored? Try one of our powerful coatings to renew your roof’s protection!
  • Metal Roof Coatings Metal coatings provide more energy efficient protection, while also preventing corrosion.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic Combining the reflective ability of acrylics with the waterproofing nature of urethane, this potent coating is one of the best on the market!
  • Industrial Roof Coatings Defend your industrial roof against extreme temperature fluctuations, chemical corrosion, and UV radiation.

Our 20+ years of serving Central Florida allow us to put our experience to work for you and assist you in choosing the most appropriate roof coating to protect your roof for years. Commercial roof coatings in Longwood and Orlando, FL have never been more accessible! If you are ready to explore roof coatings for your commercial roof, call the roofing membrane experts at (407) 298-0100 for a roof inspection and a free estimate today.