Commercial Roof Repair with Foam Roofing

hurricane wind in Orlando, FL, commercial roof repairIs your business located in an area that sees a lot of storm activity? Here in Central Florida, hurricane season brings with it the fear of violent winds, pounding hail, and torrential rain. If your commercial building has suffered some damage, don’t worry! There are many commercial roof repair options. Let’s take a look at roof repair with foam roofing.

What is Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing starts out as a liquid, which is then applied like spray paint to the surface of a flat or low-sloping roof. As it dries, the liquid expands into a foam. Then the foam hardens, forming a thick, protective, waterproof layer. This is then covered with a rubberized, weatherproof membrane like EPDM.

Why is it So Popular?

Foam roofing performs very well. It provides exceptional insulation, which can reduce your energy bills. It also has a very long lifespan, often lasting as long as the building itself! Combined with a rubberized top coat, foam roofing has proven time and again to be the best choice for a truly waterproof roof.

How is it Used in Commercial Roof Repair?

Many businesses have flat or low-sloping roofs. Even if they are well-constructed, these roof foam roofing, foam roof installation in Orlando, FL, commercial roof repairtypes can begin to sag in some areas. When it rains, water pools in those areas, and can eventually soak down into the building’s interior, causing water damage to anything beneath the leak. Foam roofing allows these sagging spots to be built up so that they no longer provide a place for water to sit.

If you’re looking for commercial roof repair in Orlando, FL, or surrounding areas, give us a call today! We’ll fix your leaky roof, and give you a free estimate for any other services you need.