Commercial Roof Repair

Flat roof covering , commercial roof repairYour roof is a major asset to your commercial building and plays a large part in your property value, insurance expenses, and protection of your business. Trust Central Florida’s roofing experts with this vital business asset. For superior commercial roof repair in Orlando, Florida, WeatherShield Roofing Group has you and your roof covered.

Our Quality Repairs

Roof Repair & Protection

After years of constant exposure to harsh elements, roofing materials naturally begin to wear down. Fortunately our team of licensed roofing contractors has over 20 years of expert experience completing all types of roof repairs. Our roofers are trained in both flat and low sloping repairs as well as steeper pitch roof repairs. As commercial roofs are often flat or low sloping, they present unique repair needs to keep the roof secure. Common complications with flat roof systems include:

  • Ponding of water on your roof can leave your roof bearing a massive strain due to the added weight. Ponding is relieved by raising the depressed area or creating an appropriate drainage system.
  • Leakage of flat roofing may occur when roofing material becomes saturated by rain and loses its water resistance. Leakage of flat roofing may be undetectable for some time as flat roofing often soaks the structure and insulation underneath before leaking into visible areas. It is highly important to inspect your roof semi-annually, and especially after heavy storms.
  • Shrinkage of flat roofing occurs as the roofing material ages and pulls back from its adhesive. Preparation of the material prior to installation is key to ensure it will resist shrinkage once applied. Our roofers are trained in industry-leading methods for preparation of flat roofing material to deter shrinking.
  • Blistering typically occurs in improperly maintained asphalt flat roofing systems. These roofs are covered in gravel to protect them from UV rays and weathering. Over time, gravel may shift from the elements or from being walked on, and the exposed roof may blister.

Storm Damage Repair

Lake Eola, Orlando, FloridaCentral Florida is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Commercial roofing systems are equally as vulnerable to storm damage as any other structure exposed to a storm. Our roofers have repaired storm damage of all kinds and are adept in rapid repairs after powerful storms frequent our area. Don’t let commercial roof repair slow your business down – our team of roofers can schedule work to inconvenience your business as little as possible.

Preventative Maintenance

Our roofers recognize the challenges that require commercial roof repair in Orlando, FL, and we fully recommend preventative maintenance to ensure your commercial roof lasts as long as possible. Through our roofing inspections and leading industry knowledge of commercial roofing systems, our licensed roofing contractors are able to maintain your roof to protect your building for years to come.

Call Central Florida’s roofing experts for roof repairs today. Commercial roof repair in Orlando, Florida, is just one phone call away! 407-298-0100