Green Roof Systems

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Learn More About a Green Roof For Your Property

A green roof is a great way to incorporate modern methods of environmentally conscious implementations into buildings. They can come in many styles with a variety of foliage from succulents, flowers, trees, and shrubs. Depending on the type of green roof that you select there will also be different practices of care and maintenance that will need to be applied onto the roof periodically. A green roof will protect your roof while giving life to vibrant plants. Speak to a professional today about a green roof to see what steps can be taken for installation. It’s important to have a professional handle new roof installations are there are certain layers of construction that will be involved with a green roof. Here is some general background information about a green roof that may prove useful to you with your green roofing endeavors.

Can you put a green roof on an existing building?

You may be able to put on a green roof over existing roofs depending on your roof’s specification. Extensive green roofs have lower layers of vegetation at around 80-100mm high that may work for certain roofs. You can therefore grow moss, grass, small flowers, or sedum.

Do you need planning permission for a green roof? 

Having planning permission for a green roof will depend on where they are installed. In most cases, if it’s on an existing building it won’t be required. It’s advised to contact your local planning department if you are making any alterations to a building.  

How long do green roofs last?

A green roof is able to extend the life of a roof 2-3 times beyond its typical lifespan as it protects the roof’s membrane. Thus far a green roof can last 30-50 years as seen with the green roofs built in Europe since the 1960s.

Are green roofs hard to maintain?

An extensive green roof is designed to have annual maintenance so they become more naturally overgrown than with an intensive green roof. With an extensive green roof, it may therefore be harder for individuals to walk through and enjoy the space. Yet depending on other roof features there may be room. 

View of green roof on modern buildings and other residential buildings in Sydney, Australia during sunrise

What are the benefits of a green roof?

  • Economic Benefits.
  • Improves Stormwater Management.
  • Reduces Urban Heat Island Effect and Improves Air Quality. 
  • Insulates the Building.
  • Improves Efficiency of Mechanical Equipment.
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • Extends Roof Life.
  • Provides Urban Amenities.

How is a green roof constructed?

A green roof will typically be made of three layers which involve drainage, filter, and vegetation. Each layer will incorporate certain functions in order to lower the weight and height of the build-up overall. It will also incorporate a waterproof/root repellant layer, thermal insulation, a vapor control layer, roofing membrane support for plantings above, and structural roof support.

How do you waterproof a green roof?

You may be able to waterproof your green roof with fluid-applied elastomeric waterproofing membranes that are fabric-reinforced and 1 or 2 components. This material will cure to form a monolithic waterproof membrane. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t be applied below 40℉. 

How deep is a green roof?

A green roof if it’s extensive is less than 6 inches deep and will be able to support a range of plants depending on the depth. Low-growing succulents otherwise known as sedums can be grown, herbs, perennials, meadow grasses.

Can you walk on green roof?

You may be able to occasionally walk on a sedum roof. When you fertilize the roof once a year walking on the plants isn’t an issue. Make sure to not walk on a green roof with frozen vegetation during a freeze as you may damage them.

How much weight does a green roof add?

A green roof can weigh around 13 pounds per square foot when it’s fully saturated with mature plant cover. An extensive roof with 3-4 inches of growth can weigh 17-18 pounds per square foot. With a deeper intensive green roof, you may even have your roof weigh 35 pounds or more per square foot.

Call Your Local Roofing Company About a Green Roof Today

Get assistance with a green roof installation by speaking with roofing professionals. They will best be able to guide you through your options with specifics on what plants to apply to your roof and how to properly maintain the roofing system. With a green roof, there will need to be specific layers and construction that will need to be applied by licensed and certified roofing professionals. Have a roof that follows with building codes and will last for years to come. With a green roof, you’ll enjoy having a unique aesthetic that will not be easy on the eyes yet add to the environment. Speak to a professional roofer today about a green roof.

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