Commercial Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing in Orlando, FL

If you are considering a modified bitumen roofing system for your commercial roof, it is extremely important to hire an experienced roofer to ensure your roofing application will last for years to come. Modified bitumen roofing is a built up roof system that is manufactured in a roll, making it an ideal solution for flat and low slope systems to improve ease of installation and save you time and money. Call WeatherShield Roofing Group at (407) 298-0100 for professional installation and repair of modified bitumen roofing in Longwood and Orlando, FL and the Central [state-name] area!

Expert Install and Repair

Bitumen roofing is especially utilized for its exceptional seam strength. Once applied, it is nearly seamless after heat adhering, cold-applied adhering, or self-applied adhering to your roof. Its seamlessness is a crucial part of its resistance to leaking. Bitumen roofing is asphalt based, thus granting it the ability to flex and expand in heat and contract when the weather cools down to keep your building comfortable and protected in all kinds of weather conditions. Its flexibility allows this roofing application to be highly weather resistant and durable through windy conditions, ideal for the Central Florida area. Several advantages of this WeatherShield Roofing Group roofing solution include:

  • Water and leak resistant
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Cost-efficient
  • Cool Roofing” options
  • Can be coated with roof coating for further protection
Bitumen Roofing Installation

Modified Bitumen is Quite Easy to Install, Allowing for a Faster Process and Lower Labor Costs.

A drawback of modified bitumen is its susceptibility to ponding water on flat roofs. When serviced by WeatherShield Roofing Group, our proper installation and maintenance of modified bitumen roofing is resistant to ponding to allow all the benefits of this roofing solution while minimizing its risks.

If your current bitumen roofing ponds on your roof, our expert contractors are able to install additional drains to redirect water. When additional drains are not an option, we are able to slightly raise the affected area to encourage proper drainage. If you need a new bitumen roof installed, you can be assured of our expert installation and repair of this roofing system due to our thorough preparation of the roofing surface. This ensures proper performance of your new roofing system right from the start. Modified bitumen roofing requires experienced roofing contractors and extreme attention to detail. When you are ready to learn more about modified bitumen roofing in Longwood and Orlando, FL, call the WeatherShield Roofing Group today at (407) 298-0100!