Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial Roofing Installation

Careful Installation is the Difference Between Lasting Protection and Early Roof Replacement.

Our team at the WeatherShield Roofing Group understands the importance your commercial roof plays in the livelihood of your business. That’s why we are committed to providing the highest quality commercial roofing available. Our 20+ years of roofing experience in Central Florida allow us to craft ideal roofing systems for commercial buildings that will last for years to come. The best commercial roof installation in Longwood and Orlando, FL is only one phone call away! Talk with an expert at (407) 298-0100.

Commercial Roof Repair and Installation

If you are ready for a complete commercial roof remodel or simply a roof repair, WeatherShield Roofing Group is the leading industry expert on commercial roofing systems in Orlando. We have years of experience repairing typical wear and tear, along with storm damage and other related repairs. Roof replacement can be a hassle in a commercial building, but our licensed roofing contractors can schedule roof repairs to avoid inconveniencing your business as little as possible. If you are looking to revitalize your roof, our roof coatings are an optimal solution to add life to your existing roofing system. Roof coatings seal the roof in an elastic coat to stop leaks and maintain a comfortable indoor environment by preventing outdoor heat buildup inside your building. No matter the size of your roofing project, WeatherShield Roofing Group is best equipped to protect your roof.

Your Commercial Roofing System

The WeatherShield Roofing Group specializes in commercial roofing installation and repairs. Our knowledgeable commercial specialists can assist you in choosing a roofing system best suited for your commercial property. If you’d like more information about our commercial roof installation in Longwood and Orlando, FL, talk with an expert at (407) 298-0100. Many commercial roofs are built with flat or low slopes, which present special challenges when it comes to protecting your roof. Failure or incorrect installation of these flat roofing systems often causes ponding of water and leaks in your roof, resulting in damage to the underlying structures. We commonly recommend several systems to protect your commercial roof:

  • Standing Seam roofs are crafted with flat metal panels joined together at seams raised above the panel itself, or “standing seams.” These seams are mechanically sealed to create a durable, weather tight metal roofing system.
  • Commercial Roof Installation

    Our Experienced Roofing Team Can Handle All Manner of Installations, Including Metal Roofs.

    R Panel corrugated roofs are crafted with metal panels stamped with small, trapezoidal ridges spaced several inches apart. These trapezoidal ridges join the metal panels together to produce a long-lasting roofing solution.

  • GAF EverGuard is a roofing membrane application that easily installs over an existing roofing structure, or as a first time application. Made of thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO, this versatile roofing system offers excellent seam strength and weathering resistance.
  • GAF EverGuard Freedom is a second TPO roofing membrane application that is self-adhering and is ready to install directly from the factory, making this material one of the fastest-installing roofing solutions available.

The WeatherShield Roofing Group is Central Florida’s leading commercial roofer and we are well versed in these roofing systems and more! If you have a particular system in mind for your building, give us a call so we can discuss installation. We’ll work with your budget and functional requirements to find your perfect roofing system. Call our team today at (407) 298-0100 for superior commercial roof installation in Longwood and Orlando, FL.