Commercial Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roofing Offers Outstanding Protection and Lasting Value.

If you’re interested in commercial metal roofing in Longwood and Orlando, FL, we are the roofers to call! Our team at the WeatherShield Roofing Group specializes in commercial projects, and we have dozens of happy customers who have benefited from our expertise — from Lockheed Martin to Walt Disney World! Metal roofing is one of our most popular and successful products in Longwood and Orlando and all of Central Florida. Get a free estimate for your business today by calling our office at (407) 298-0100.

As part of the community, we realize how much Florida weather can impact the condition of your roof. High winds, torrential rains, and even extreme heat can cause roofing materials to expand and contract, leaving cracks, missing shingles, or worse. Metal roofing however, can withstand the most intense weather forces without batting an eye. The roofing material is almost completely waterproof. It won’t rust, and it is semi-flexible to resist weather conditions that would crack other, more brittle materials. Below are some of our durable metal solutions!

Why Metal Roofing?

Why should you choose metal roofing over a less expensive alternative, like PVC roofing? Your business, whether located in an office building or a warehouse, needs a strong roof to protect your assets from weather damage. Metal is a solid, heavy-duty solution to this need. There are even more benefits to consider.

It lasts a very, very long time. A good quality metal roof, properly installed and maintained, will last a lifetime, or longer! There is simply not another commercial roofing option that is as attractive, resilient, and low-maintenance as a metal roof.

Metal Roofing

There are Many Materials to Choose From For Your Metal Roofing. Enjoy Style and Strength!

It’s environmentally friendly. You can find metal roofing that was manufactured from recycled metal, which is a great business opportunity for companies looking for lucrative green initiatives. The metal itself does not deplete natural resources, and it does not contain petroleum byproducts. If you ever decide to change roofs or demo your current building, your metal roof can be recycled and given new life in another location.

It’s energy efficient. Metal roofs are good at keeping out the Central Florida heat. They come in a wide selection of colors, so you can increase your building’s energy efficiency even more by choosing white metal, or another reflective shade. Lighter colors reflect the sun’s heat instead of trapping it in your building. A cooler office translates into reduced HVAC expenses for your company! For more information on energy efficiency, check out the EPA’s Energy Star web site.

It’s actually quiet. There is a certain ambiance created by rain tapping on a tin roof, but it’s probably not a sound you want to listen to day in and day out. Modern metal roofing is very well-insulated, so you can have all the strength of a metal roof, without the noise they’re commonly associated with.

Your Commercial Metal Roofing Specialists

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