Jesse Crawford, Shop Foreman, Unlimited Welding, Winter Springs, FL

Before the coating was applied, temperatures of 100o+ were commonplace in the shop if the outside temperature was 85o. Since applying the coating, this situation has almost reversed itself. What a difference!

Keith Hackley, Project Manager, Orlando Drum, Orlando, FL

The tenants [Dryden Oil Company] of the building have told me that the building is much cooler than before and they can actually see through the old skylights…

Elliot Blackwelder, Owner, Seminole Metal Finishing, Altamonte Springs, FL

Your coating stopped our leaks and stopped the deterioration of the roof panels…

Ed Forrester, Owner, The Wood Shop, Winter Park, FL

The insulating characteristics of the material work is “great”. Inside temperatures have been reduced to within 1 to 2 degrees above outside temperature…” (reduced interior temperature by more than 15oF.)

Robert Booth, Vice President of Manufacturing, Lee Laser, Orlando, FL

The coating has solved the leak problems and has reduced the heat load inside the building. Also, the roof does not creak and moan like it did before the coating was installed…

Steve Hahnert, President, Accurate Temperature Control, Orlando, FL

Your company coated our roof about a year ago… The leaks have stopped completely but the most remarkable feature of the coating is how much cooler it has made it inside. So the building is dry, we are saving on A/C in the office and the guys in the shop are more comfortable. We will use your coating on our new building!

Mike Schuermann, Owner, Mike’s Print Shop, Winter Park, FL

Thank you for allowing us to put our bucket brigade into retirement. …I would also like to compliment your crew for exhibiting what good service and quality workmanship are all about. I could not be more pleased…

Arnold Wurst, President, Region South Storage Complex, Altamonte Springs, FL

We not only solved our leakage problem which has dogged us for several years with an endless waste of time and money. We have also reduced the temperature in the warehouse by as much as 15 degrees…

Joe Alameda, Building Services, Walt Disney World, Kissimmee, FL

We are extremely pleased that your coating stopped all of the leaks…

Dr. Ratan Adhav, Owner, Quantum Technology, Lake Mary, FL

The insulation properties of your product are remarkable./…we were unable to use the second floor of our building because the air conditioning could not handle the heat coming through the roof. Your coating made this area usable during the summer months./…we hesitated to get this expensive treatment, however, we found that it is very cost effective…

Bill Mignault, Owner, Prater Radiator, Orlando, FL

We are very impressed with the results of the roof coating. There are no leaks,…work was scheduled not to inconvenience our employees. Our employees estimate the temperature inside the building to be 12-15 degrees cooler. This is of great importance to a business like ours…

Erwin Puch, Owner, Puch Manufacturing Corporation, Orlando, FL

The coating has stopped all of the leaks which were damaging our equipment and inventory. Even though we already have insulation under the roof, our employees have noticed that it is much cooler in the factory. Your crew did good work even though the job took longer than expected…

Pam White, Manager, Osceola Flea and Farmers Market, Kissimmee, FL

We are quite pleased with the coating job that your company did on our restaurant roof. After many years of trying to fix the roof leaks they have finally stopped. Also, the kitchen staff and customers appreciate how much cooler it is inside. Please let your workers know that we are happy with their neatness and workmanship…

Quirt Alrich, President, Norbas Paintworks, Orlando, FL

Norbas is a paint shop, so we are particular about how our building looks. My Dad is a retired Sherwin-Williams Salesman and was real interested in how this coating keeps our roof so cool. We own this building so your ability to stop the leaks and roof deterioration is very important to us. Thanks again for doing such a good job…

Terry Hollister, Schmalbach-Lubeca Plastic Containers, Orlando, FL

I am happy to say that the product was indeed everything that you said it was. Our roof leaks have stopped and our warehouse employees have all commented about the lower temperatures that we are seeing in that we are seeing in the warehouse this summer…

Crynock, Sr. Vice President, Thomas W. Ruff Office Furniture, Maitland, FL

A hailstorm severely damaged our roof…Based upon recommendations from our contractor and insurance company we double-decked the roof which caused even more leaks. At the recommendation of our corporate Architect we installed your coating system. The results were perfect and the temperature in the non-air conditioned warehouse dropped significantly. I have appreciated working with your team…

5 out of 5
Efficient service work and reliable company!
5 out of 5
WeatherShield has been efficient and prompt in our need for emergency repairs. They also do a great job at our quarterly maintenance. Friendly and professional!
5 out of 5
WeatherShield Roofing Group is fantastic to work with. The Owner, Office Staff and Repair Techs have a high level of integrity and get the job done correctly.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
I have been using Weathershield for all of my commercial buildings for over 15 years or more. I have 3 metal roof buildings, Matt and his team give excellent customer whether I just needed a simple roof leak fixed or and entire roof coated. Matt the owner is an honest family guy who will come through on any promise he makes. I highly recommend this company as in that industry it can be very hard to find someone you can trust.
5 out of 5
We strive to build relationships in the commercial roofing industry. Through those relationships we have been very successful in creating opportunities that the typical roofer wouldn't. If you are in the market for a roof, have the need or want some advice on your current roof, please give us a call and we will help you out in the best way possible. No obligation, free roof evaluation.
5 out of 5
This place is my jam!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Matt is awesome.

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