Weathering Wind Damage on Your Roof

windy fieldFlorida is no stranger to strong storms. When you first hear a storm is incoming, what comes to mind? Storms can be accompanied by many powerful weather elements, but strong winds can be some of the most destructive. Wind is a factor in all types of storms at any time of year. To help you protect against the effects of wind damage, we briefly overview the basics here.

The Simple Physics

Wind does not gust over a surface evenly. Certain areas, such as the edges, are prone to experience a higher wind pressure as they are subjected to the initial impact of the wind. This buffers the rest of the surface so other areas experience a lower wind pressure. This same phenomenon occurs when wind blows over a roof: the perimeter experiences a higher wind pressure, and often more damage, than the center of the roof.

Wind is able to exact damage when the wind pressure is strong enough to lift the roof material and allow wind to gust in underneath. The material can then be peeled away by the wind. Wind damage is best combated by regular roof inspections by a trusted roofing professional.

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