Why Have a Green Roof?

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Green Roofing for your Business

Green roofs are more than just the latest trend; they are an eco-friendly way to help the environment, increase aesthetic appeal and offer a wealth of benefits to building owners that choose to move from thinking about a green roof to building one. A green roof involves a layer of soil and vegetation on top of an existing roof. Often, building owners can customize this idea to meet their own needs. Some people enjoy a roof with relaxing plants that can be seen from the streets below. Other building owners have opted to plant a makeshift lawn on top of their building. There is a lot of possibilities for people to explore.

How Long Do Green Roofs Last?

Typically, a green roof can last approximately thirty years. Whether the installation is correct, and the area is properly maintained will affect its lifespan. For example, one of these that is not properly maintained or installed correctly may only last ten years. One that is has the potential to last forty years or more. Owners that would like to ensure that their new roofing project lasts as long as possible are advised to hire a professional contractor with experience in green roofing, and a maintenance company to guarantee that the area is properly maintained.

Can You Walk on A Green Roof?

Yes, a person can walk on a green roof. In fact, it is necessary to walk on one in order to properly maintain the area. However, it should be noted that these are not designed for people or consistent traffic. Owners may be able to walk on them infrequently to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere or reduce stress, but this should not be done on a regular basis. When owners or maintenance workers do walk on them, they are advised to be careful during hazardous weather conditions.

What Are the Benefits of a Green Roof?

Green roof advantages are the primary reason that so many building owners are contacting local roofing companies to implement this idea onto their roof. These benefits include:

  • Regulate Temperature. The Urban Air Effect states that densely populated areas often trap hot air, leading to an increase in temperatures in the immediate area and inside buildings. These projects counteract that, helping to balance the temperature inside the building and release the heat that would normally be trapped. The positive correlation between green roofs and sustainability remains one of the primary benefits.
  • Reduce Energy Costs. Because buildings will not have to address temperature fluctuations through central air and heating methods, they will enjoy spending less money overall on their bills. Often, the money saved can offset the initial cost of installation over time.
  • Reduce Stormwater Runoff. Stormwater remains a problem for buildings that have a flat roof, but this provides an ideal solution. A large portion of the water is absorbed by the soil and used to water the plants, instantly reducing the amount of stormwater. If there is less stormwater, there is less runoff, which can be a hassle in urban areas where it is common for the sewers to overflow.
  • Insulation. During the colder months, building owners with one of these will appreciate that they do not spend as much money on heating costs. The additional layers on top of the building provide an extra layer of insulation to help keep buildings at the preferred temperature.
  • Increased Curb Appeal. This is an important thing to remember if a person is planning to sell in the future. A green roof will instantly increase curb appeal for potential buyers, and it will increase the price of the building on the market.

Do Green Roofs Really Work?

Yes, green roofs really do work. These were popular for many cities across the world years ago and are just now making a comeback. People that are new to the idea may have doubts, but they can rest assured that they will enjoy all the green roof benefits that these have become known for, such as temperature regulation.

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Do Green Roofs Leak?

The project itself will not leak. The leaking is the result of a leak in the roof itself and is typically not caused by the vegetation on top of the roof. Often, these leaks would occur if a green roof were not present too.

Fixing the roof underneath the greenery is not complicated, though. A professional roofing company will carefully relocate part of the vegetation to the area of the roof that is not being worked on. Then, they will repair the area as they normally would. After they are finished, the vegetation will be replaced, or new plants will be planted to ensure that the building maintains its visual appeal and owners enjoy the benefits of their green roof.

Green roofs offer building owners a wealth of benefits to enjoy, and they help reduce stress in the surrounding environment because they are simply so beautiful. This option remains a cost-effective way to help the planet, people and businesses at the same time. When you need a green roof in Longwood and Orlando, FL, call WeatherShield Roofing Group at (407) 298-0100!